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Good for you! That's a brave thing to do -- book with a counselor. I hope they can help.

I cannot answer you. But I notice you don't list all your buckets.

  • I took an IQ test as part of an ADHD test and scored really high (127-133) but that is just a number to me.
  • I'm gainfully employed in a great company.

(Ok, smart but not vain about it, happy where you work and it challenges your mind. So I get sense you get your intellectual need fed ok)

  • I'm physically active, getting into REALLY good shape
  • I'm attractive
  • I love to cuddle a lot, hold hands, hug, kiss a hundred times a day and I have an extremely strong sex drive.
  • she's always had difficulty 'getting off' but I get her there every single time we set out to do that.
  • I cook
  • I clean

(I sense you have the most confidence in your body's appearance and skills -- kinesthetic intelligence is something I don't have so wtg! I envy that.)

  • I am insecure
  • I'm not derogatory, nor abusive.

Ok, insecure and not horrible. But still no sense of what you ARE in this bucket. Kinda blank?

  • (Total blank?)

I do not know if this helps, but I believe people are heart, mind, body and soul. I broke out your things and I perceive you to feel confident and comfortable talking about mind bucket things or body bucket things.

I do not perceive you as feeling as confident and comfortable talking about heart things.

And I get no sense of what you do to tend your soul bucket at all. Weird.

So... maybe think that over and fill the counselor in on your buckets? How they are doing? What feeds them? What drains them? What bucket you need the most help with?

Stuff like that?

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