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Default I am an insecure man

Hi, my name is S and I am insecure.

It's not a surprising self-diagnosis, really. I've always lacked self-confidence personally and professionally. I took an IQ test as part of an ADHD test and scored really high (127-133) but that is just a number to me. I'm gainfully employed in a great company... and I'm physically active, getting into REALLY good shape (I'm a stones throw from being 'buff') I'm attractive... seems like I should really have no insecurity, right?

Don't ask me, man. I just live here.

I love to cuddle a lot, hold hands, hug, kiss a hundred times a day and I have an extremely strong sex drive. To other men (including the new one she's seeing) she's always had difficulty 'getting off' but I get her there every single time we set out to do that. (including our very first night) (and ... at our height, we're talking 6+ times a week)

So WTF, I sound like the ideal mate, right? I'm caring, good job, love our kids (all from priors). I cook, I clean, I'm not derogatory, nor abusive...

So why the flying hell am I so insecure?????

Have any of you ever discovered this in yourself and defeated it? I'd love to know how. I just booked a session with a counsellor. I really need to exorcise this demon once and for all.
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