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NRE is no excuse to throw you to the side, though. Anyone experiencing NRE has a responsibility to any partners they already have to make an effort not to become completely engulfed in all the new, fun feelings.
Right, that's how I feel. Mitigating factor: I've been dragging her through shit for 2.5 years trying to get my divorce finalized. About a year ago she started to block me without realizing it and expanded a friendship with a mutual online acquaintence. 5 weeks ago, I got the bombshell that she's got feelings and wants to see where it goes.

She's been hurting for a long time, fighting depression... seemingly overcoming it and reclaiming some self-respect.... but with that, came the bravery to back away from me and engage the other man in an LDR. (begrudingly, with my permission... b/c I wasn't really left a viable choice) She saw him alone for the first time in a planned trip this past weekend and did have sex.

I hoped it woulnd't come to that, but that's the reality of today. I clawed myself up pretty good in a fit of grief and anger.

We talked, and we're taking a break until I am divorced. We'll be roommates, hide the truth from friends and family... then sometime shortly after I am divorced, she agreed that she will back things off with him... and give her and I a chance to re-invent our relationship.

The divorce has been a HUGE obstacle, for her especially... that cannot be understated. I have high hopes that once she realizes that their compatibility is limited and takes a week or two away from constant contact from him, she'll realize what it is that I mean to her... when and only when I am actually free to get married. (we called off/delayed the wedding before she left)

We're either heading for a break-up (we're talking huge end of the world soul-crushing news for me) or... as we've done once before.... a re-inventing of ourselves into a better/stronger thing.

Hmm, I think in order to accomplish that, first I have to identify and quash my insecurities. Time for a new thread.
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