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Actually, I'm just talking about NRE, not the LDR as a whole.

Right now she's pretty gung-ho to have a relationship with this guy while I finalize my divorce, which should be said and done in 6-8 weeks. In that time, I see them hooking up at least twice more and texting/chatting online daily. I've agreed to back off and let them figure things out.

Truth be told, they're not 100% compatible and I think they need time to see that, which is why I'd like to know how long NRE normally lasts.

She's going to stop blocking me emotionally, open back up to me. We're self-professed soulmates, in a deep and understanding love... I stuck with her through her exploring this relationship with this other guy and continue to do so. When my divorce IS final, at some point after that... then she's going to try to shift me back to primary and really re-invent a relationship with me without the spectre of my marriage still over our heads.

We just have so much together. Compatible in every way and our lives are intertwined.

I equated my divorce to labour pains. It hurts to be with me b/c I'm still married, but when that's done, then she gets this wonderful gift and life that we've never been able to fully explore. And that my divorce (the slowness of it) is hurting me, too. And that me, being the thing that she gets at the end of said labour pains... is not causing the pain.

I really don't know about me equating myself to a baby :P but it sorta fits.
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