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Carob just had a first interview by phone for a job in the city I'm living in now! He's decided to move here regardless of whether he gets the job. (As in, keep looking for other jobs here, and shift over when he's got one) This is really good news. Here's hoping they like his CV and he gets a second interview. Regardless, I'm amped.

Sago's contract runs out early next year but I'm planning to find work here once I'm back from my travels (end Sept / early Oct) so we can probably make this all work. This isn't a permanent move for any of us (we wanna ultimately be based in our home town) but it means... no more long-distance!

And, yeah, looking pretty likely that I'll come back from my adventures to both the boys living here And it'll be spring! (southern hemisphere) All good things...

I'll still have other things taking me back to my home town, so will get a chance to see Ella too (even if C moves here. Actually, not "if"... when. When! YEAH!) In fact she's planning on being here for Christmas. At this stage unsure of our holiday plans (we may be going back to our home city for Christmas; Sago's folks live there) so may swap countries, d'oh.

Light at the end of the gloom tunnel though. Phew.
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