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How do you know what their success rate is? If you only know the number of successes, and not the number of tries, you can't really know. It could be that they have an extremely high rate of success but are also pickier about their partners to begin with, for instance, or aren't interested in many people.

In other words, I don't think it's a pure number thing. I think they go for what they deem to be quality over quantity (otherwise why would they want a long courting period and effort over some period of time? If they just wanted sex with many women, they could see several of them in the time it probably takes them to court one slowly).
Now, obviously tastes vary so I don't think one can agree on what "quality" is, it's not as obvious as "quantity".

But I think a lot of people see someone who has been with one person all their life and think it's the ultimate success "getting it right from the first try", while other think in numbers of partners, and the two viewpoints are so completely different that I'm not sure how they can be compared. Depending on the way you look at it, who is the "winner" and who is the "loser" will change.
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