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Originally Posted by AutumnalTone View Post
We have a winner!

For me, if she can't speak directly to the point about what she does or does not want, not much can happen. I don't read minds and won't attempt to do so. If asking if she wants to fuck is too much for her, I've got better things to do.

Now I don`t feel so alone and misunderstood. The whole idea of 'spontaneous' and 'natural' is never complete without first asking the question: "Spontaneous and natural to whom? Romantic to whom?"

And the answer women! That`s who! Of course! I`ve met my share of men who are slam-dunk Prince Charmings and would have it no other way. They like to pursue, they like to give gifts, and flowers, and compliments, and pull chairs...they love to break a woman`s resistance down, and have complete mastery over the interpretion of mixed signals. They are tall, bronze, chiseled. They abhor women who are 'easy'. Lord have mercy if a woman were to even entertain the possibility of directly saying "yes" to anything intimate!

The whole process of seduction makes them feel like they`ve conquered something special, and boosts their self-esteem a thousand-fold. I can totally see it... Even those men, do not describe the whole ordeal as 'spontaneous.' What it is is a lot of work. That`s what it is matter how validated and macho they feel in the end.


Well, good on them. To me, it`s completely counter-intuitive and ego-damaging to have someone resist me and want me at the same time? Call me gay. When I deal with guys that`s not even a thought. Either you want it, or you don`t. Simple.


Edit: I must say, in the end, I envy them (The Prince Charmings). They seem really confident, always smiley, and true ladiesmen. But, what makes me really really confused is that they aren`t statistically more successful with women than I. Whenever I talk to them, I can`t help by chuckle at the number of women they say they`ve been with. And, there they are, giving me advice on how to pick up chicks and shit.

Why?? Can someone answer me? Topsy-turvy world.


Edit2: It is true that they pick up more attractive women than I do. Although, I`ve had my moments.
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