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Hello. I have come here seeking words of wisdom. I am a monogamous and i am in a relationship with a poly girl. I love her very deeply and all i want is to make her happy and give her what she needs. But it is very hard for me to be ok with the poly thing. She is moving away in a few months and has been kind enough to be with me and only me until that point. There is another person she loves and wants to be with but i cant bring myself to allow her to pursue that. I feel awful about this. I don't want her to change or be someone she isnt. I guess i was hoping that someone could help me understand and be ok with all this or provide some way for me to make this all better. As a mono it is difficult to understand polyamory. I just want to be the best i can and make her as happy as she can be. Thank you for your time.
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