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It's a really difficult thing for me to disengage my feelings from discussions on here,- in fact I really can't, because lots of you have made your mark in my life, and I care about continuing those relationships and having a safe place to talk about things poly-related in a supportive environment.
Yes, I think this is common for many people. We KNOW that there ARE people on the "otherside" of the computer. We may not know ALL about them-but we know SOMETHING about them and that something touches our lives. Not much different than someone who has bond with sending money to "a starving child in another country" through any of many programs that set you up to do that for a specific child. You don't know ALL about the child-but you know that they exist and you grow to care for them in some manner even if it's not the same manner you care for those you see in person.

I know I tend to be offended either when someone challenges something dear to me, or some process I'm in the thick of that I am not ready to be objective about. The people posting on here that I know, I can take with a grain of salt, because I know they have knowledge of me and my situations beyond the quote they are citing. I know that I could always be wrong, and usually if my hackles are up, there's a reason that's largely internal that I feel so fierce about it.
Well put.

It's mentioned quite a lot on these threads how it's just the internet, and how silly it is to get riled and emotional looking at a computer screen with little icons for people you've never shared air with. But I am not the machine I'm working with. I do get really emotional because I share some pretty fucking personal things on here, and I'm always grateful for the diversity of perspectives that challenge my evolution and also the goosing and pats on the back I get that make me feel supported.
yes-but if we feel attacked within this "community" we also need to feel protected within this community-yes?

Which of you said (ceoli or ygirl? sorry I don't recall) that while you are poly you don't love everyone?

I guess for me the issue is-that we can't stop the prejudice against our group until we are willing to be LOVING to every group. Treating someone with love isn't the same as falling in love-I know that. It is however a key in showing them that like them-we DO TRULY love and we aren't "just fucking around" and that in being loving to them-we aren't NOT loving our SO's AND we are in fact helping our SO's AND them too...
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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