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thanks, Coop, for starting this thread, so I could read this today:

Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
The fact is that there is a potential for getting hurt in any relationship, no matter how deep or serious or how many people our partner is involved with. When we risk liking or loving someone, we risk the possibility of pain. However, the risk of getting hurt when we let ourselves take a chance at love, let someone in, expose our hearts and our innermost thoughts and feelings, also brings with it possibilities we never could have dreamed of. We may find someone who we feel absolutely delighted and happy to be around, with whom we are comfortable being ourselves, and who thrills us when we just look at them.

You have to weigh the risks. Do you risk getting hurt for the possibility of ecstasy (or, at least, a nice comfy camaraderie), or do you risk losing the possibility for ecstasy to avoid getting hurt? The avoidance of hurt is another illusion we humans believe in. What about the hurt and sadness we feel when we think about the opportunities we passed by because of fear, even though we really wanted them?
Indie, thank you so much for that. I have said this to people in the past, but I've been forgetting it this week, and I desperately needed to see this today. It's helped a lot. I have always believed in taking that risk, since I was a teen. I still do. Somehow, I always forget that with the initial hurt. It always comes back to me.
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