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Sparklepop hit it right not the head. I just want to be respected by my wife's "others". I want them to acknowledge that I am there and to respect our relationship. Being married is a huge, important (the most important actually) part of my life. I've cut family out of my life for not respecting that. (that's a whole other thing that doesn't involve poly as much as an entire side of my family being racist pigs)
I'm really glad that you felt understood by my post and all of the other responses

I've definitely found that outside events (i.e. your family basically forcing you to cut them out) effect our expectations in our relationships. If you put a metaphorical $1,000 on the table, it feels nicer when your partner puts the same amount in - more money to spend; better holidays

So they are actually on that lunch date right now. While I am still not thrilled my wife is making an effort to get things with this guy to a point where I might be comfortable. We shall see where things lead. I'm a lot more comfortable having had time to bounce things around on here and try to sort things out in my head.
That must be really tough for you. I have a stubborn streak and when I get 'that' feeling about someone... regardless of the reason... it's hard to let it go. Sometimes we just aren't going to love our partner's secondaries... but we can at least be civil and give them a second chance.

I hope that wherever things lead, they go really well and that you are both happy!
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