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Default How fast

Ok- so one more question. Say my husband and I had actually discussed this first. No dishonesty. And had decided together to give this a try...

Would it be recommended that the first thing he do is go away for a 4 day weekend with a new lover?? Wouldn't dinner, a date, and MAYBE sex be a much more reasonable foray?

I am sitting here tonite, knowing he is laying in bed with her, sleeping with her all night. Waking to see her in the morning and probably make love.

That seems so amazingly intimate so fast and just completely floors me. I could see being like that with a lover- but it is hard for me to understand how someone could do that with so little thought for my feelings. This is killer. And he doesn't even come home until Monday.

Ah sigh. This relationship of ours is not in a good place. The emotional bank is empty. I guess this will depend much on what he is willing to do to heal these hurts. And if it will be an offer I can accept.
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