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Originally Posted by Tonberry View Post
However, if I'm going to kiss someone, I'm of the opinion that asking is unromantic. It's absolutely possible to just slowly lean towards the person, go half the way and wait for them to go the other half. If they don't, then it's a no.
Part of the rush for me is reading peoples' body language and then sense that you're both singing the same song, without necessarily having to say it right away. On a subconscious level too, I think it's a big bonus when another person's actions are matching yours, it's like signalling to your lizard brain that you both want the same thing/are of the same clan/etc.

It can also be super awkward to figure out how to bring words into action since they're two different types of communication. Personally it feels weird to go from: "May I kiss you?" to the act of kissing. Anything that happens after speech almost has a timeline to it, like you can't lead in by caressing someone or giving a massage or anything. If you ask to kiss them then the next action has to be a kiss. For me that takes out some of the spontaneity.

Can there be a balance though? Like can body language get us to a certain point and then words can help move us into the next stage of intimacy? Thoughts?
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