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It's just become pretty clear to me why you`re having dating problems. There`s no envying your boyfriend, to be sure.
Kinda mean there, dude. (For record: we're closed. I'm not in a dating space right now.)

But ok, I accidentally hit a nerve. I'll own that, and then I have to apologize to you for accidentally your hurting feelings somehow. I was not my intent. I am sincerely sorry.

I thought we were just having a good time kicking around general ideas in the realm of "Isn't poly dating sometimes so weird? Wassup on that consent thing?" like a casual banter in the "General Poly Discussion" area of the forum. *shrug*

Next time though, I'd rather you just tell me -- "Um... starting to hit a nerve. You doing that on purpose or what?" to help clarify rather than to try to my hurt feelings on purpose. That's not cool, dude.

But I'll own my part on this one if I was just being too goofball for you. My bad. Again my apologies.


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