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I could hardly understand what the hell you were talking about.
LOL. You sound alien to me too. I had to back up again. And I can still hardly understand.

I'm amused because I've come to this place with people a few times before.

Look! It's a pretty bowl with some fish!
Look! It's a bowl with some pretty fish!
Look at the pretty bowl, darn it!
Look at the pretty fish, already!

And the thing that is needed is to step back and acknowledge there is indeed a bowl with some fish in the room.

Pretty-factor TBD on eye of beholder.

I can understand how passive-aggressiveness works for hetero monos. It may even be its price of admission.
I don't even see how passive aggressive works for ANYONE wanting to be in a healthy rship. That kind of thing is a drag. How does it work? (show me possible fish please. I no see. #boggled )

However, I think in open relationships with multiple partners, asking for consent is essential. I do not see how open relationships can succeed otherwise
Of course. Is this not a big ol' DUH? No mono rship will fly well without it either. (Yes... I see the bowl in the room....and? )

I`ll be sympathetic to that fact, as long as your supposed fragility is not used as a bullying tool against me, much like white people who lock their car doors when they see a black man crossing the street; as if to send a message.
Amused. I'm not a delicate flower type. Why would I pull a melodramatic swoon to play out mind games? Much faster to tell the person what I feel straight up.

But yeah, I'm also not looking to get into creepy dark too lonely places with a Thorg-y type man either. Dates happen in nice open places and everyone BYO car to location until some trust thing is formed and the rship moves forward a bit. Poly dating is not immune to weirdo people floating around in it -- male or female.


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