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Well, I'm viewing from my lens as a woman. That plays in here.

Some think it`s sissy and insecure; others think it`s near-rape.
Who is "some" here? People in general? Some men? Some women?

Cuz as a woman I NEVER thought double checking on the consent was a sissy thing to do. I viewed it as respectful of me.

Ok, maybe sometimes annoying if it is quadruple checked, but hey, I'll take extra checks, reassure and hope the person understands that YEAH! I said OK! I rather be mildly annoyed than be raped. I'd PREFER negotiate relationship as sane equals but... dude. Guys are bigger than me. My dating risk includes that sad reality factor.

And as a dating woman in the 20's decade... my experience was what it was.

a) Thor hungry, thor want eat! (creepy, brusque, immediate red flag.)

b) Ask more than once for consent (could get mildly annoying but infinitely preferable to creepy. The INTENT is repsectful of me as a person, so ok, I'll work with it and see what might be here or what... could still red flag but at least not Thorgy.)

c) once, maybe twice, did I experience some magic brewing with a 20's man that pitched it to me at the right notch like we were sane, consenting, equal partners trying to negotiate something.

It is what it is. I've not dated in my 30's because we're closed. So.... *shrug*


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