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Originally Posted by Tonberry View Post
Something that I didn't have time to address before was the idea that because the wife was bisexual she would necessarily be interested in the OP. This is as ridiculous as saying that any straight male should be interested in her, for no specific reason, and it upset me, but it seemed a smaller issue than all the other issues in the post, so I didn't bring it up, and regretted it once it got locked.
I agree, it's absolutely absurd. Unfortunately, as a bisexual woman, I have run across this mindset more than once myself.

Back when I initially 'came out' and it became known around school, a girl in my dance class suddenly expressed discomfort with having been using the same changing room as me all year. She assumed that just because I had a girlfriend, that must automatically mean I was checking her (everyone?) out, etc. My response to that was "Don't flatter yourself." Lol

I've also come across it in more intimate settings where it was assumed that I would want to/be willing to hook up with pretty much any remotely interested female simply because I was "into girls." It's so ridiculous and insulting. I don't want to jump every man I see, why would I want to jump every woman I see? Geez.

Runs along the lines of the all too common assumption that homosexual men want to hit on every man they see. Or that bisexual women want to have threesomes with just about anyone by default, or are even interested in threesomes in the first place.
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