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I`ll mention one more thing about porn, and that is that it gave me models for empowered female behavior. Certainly way more than Hollywood has.

Usually, porn is criticized as being objectifying of women. But, some women in porn have provided me with role models for precisely the opposite. Women like Nina Hartley, Stoya, Tori Black, and Tristan Taormino behind the cameras; just to mention a few examples.

I also don`t buy that men and women intrinsically want to watch different things all the time. I remember once renting a video from a grungy, indie video store on the Lower East Side of Manhattan called Kim`s. Locals may know which one I`m talking about. Very socially aware video club...

It labelled itself feminist porn shot from a female-perspective, but still featured the main actress and director swallowing loads of cum on her knees and whatnot because that`s what she enjoyed. This was not Cinderella bullshit. Huge turn on to anyone who might watch mainstream porn, as well. And, when you take a look at it, women who are more sexually assertive than they are "in real life" represents at least 50% of all mainstream porn that I see in online porn hubs, which would signal to me that it`s a widespread (and, I suspect, largely unattended) male fantasy.

I guess these women I admire in porn are the ones who call themselves sex-positive feminists.
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