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Originally Posted by Mudita View Post
CielDuMatin, if you met somebody whose partner had power of veto, would this be enough to prevent you from attempting to form a 'more-than-friends' relationship with them?
Fair question. Here's what I would do...

First, I would have a discussion about what the term "veto" meant to them. If it meant that we would have to meet their partner(s) and that the partners may have veto power (even if arbitrary) at that time, then I may consider it. What that would mean is that I would not feel at all involved or committed to the person until such times as we got the veto possibility behind us.

However, if that veto power stayed in place for the entire relationship, then I would definitely pass on it. I wouldn't feel comfortable in a relationship with a Sword of Damocles hanging over it, and the mere fact that this was in place would lead me to question the security of the existing relationship, due to the existence of such a policy.

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