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Thanks for the feedback! Several of my friends have been saying the exact same things to me. I do have self-esteem issues. I have a hard time standing up for myself. Always have. But this is a part of myself I need to learn how to change, because this isn't the worst possible outcome from it. I've read stories on here of how people let someone manipulate them into breaking all contact with someone who was a valuable friend to them. Relationships were damaged with third parties who had done nothing wrong. If I don't change, this is what the future may hold for me, so I need to learn this self-esteem thing.

I also need to figure out why I seem to be attracted to people who seem lonely and broken. Maybe a part of me feels like I can "fix" them; like I can take someone who the universe has given a raw deal to and make things better for them. I'd probably make a good rescue worker for that reason, but as a way of approaching relationships, it's probably not healthy. I think I also feel like I can relate. I spent most of my life being single and lonely, believing no woman would ever want me. I know now that's not true, but I think some of those old ways of thinking still affect me.
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