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Originally Posted by transcendental View Post
Why throw that away because the sex sucks?
Yeah, but if you can't get it anywhere else, what's the point of having opened your relationship? What did he expect you to want when he went along with poly? Just people to hug?

Since getting nekkid and fucking is something your hubs won't "allow," how does he feel about you having half-nekkid mutual masturbation sessions with someone? Or just oral? Great sex doesn't have to involve penetration (nor getting fully unclothed).

Originally Posted by transcendental View Post
Hubby decided that I should go ahead with a BDSM session without anal and vaginal intercourse . . . Thankfully, my husband is also cool about me keeping my playmate, which is more awesome than I can say.
Well that's progress.
The world opens up... when you do.

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