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I have no general opinion on whether porn is good or bad, or what makes porn porn, but I can say that it has been on the menu for me since I was about 15, and a virgin.

Even though my fantasies have evolved, I still hold many of them from my early years of porn watching. I remember masturbating to Janet Jacme, who`s still a super turn on to me, the first time I watched a porn movie. I also remember watching a British art porn movie that was available in my local video club. I wish I could remember the title, since it was quite good.

I have never watched anything illegal, but nowadays I watch harder porn than I used to when I first started. Some of it pushes boundaries, and might be considered abusive or tasteless by mainstream standards. Stuff like the German-made GGG, as well as some amateur/reality porn. I do watch mainstream porn and cannot relate to the usual criticisms concerning how unrealistic, or prejudiced it might be. With a little bit of independent, critical thinking, it`s easy for me to set fantasy and reality apart. So, I don`t think it has been detrimental to me in any way. I also don`t really buy that porn is intrinsically abusive to women; likewise with prostitution.

Needless to say, porn has shaped my sexual development, and it is so entwined with my sex life that it`s hard to know which fantasies made me watch certain kinds of porn, and which fantasies were brought about by porn. The same could be said for which looks I go for in women. When I first became sexually active, I wasn`t into anal sex. Nowadays, it`s a major fantasy of mine, as is CIM. Those fantasies are probably a legacy of porn. But, I think eventually I would have gotten into it, anyway.

I`ll watch porn whether or not I have available partners, but I watch it less the more I have sex.

I've had sex with a minor Brazilian pornstar, and have gotten in touch with German pornstar Melanie Moon, whom I want to fuck at some point. I wouldn`t mind actually acting in porn, and I have a standing offer to do homemade. I have a feeling I might be good at it, especially since I can cum on cue. I`ll go as long, or as fast as I wish; and I have experience with all kinds of partners, situations, and most sexual acts.

Nowadays, it is rare that I masturbate without porn. I do not use it for added stimulus when I`m having sex with a partner, but I`d rather be with partners who enjoy and are well-versed in porn. Women who watch porn are a super turn on. I do not watch gay or bi porn, though I now and then spend some time looking at pictures of men.

Beats me how all this is related to polyamory, but happy wankin`!
Independent, sex-positive, bi-curious, private, atheist, elitist, athletic dude.

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