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Dude and I both have a bit of an exhibitionist streak, and, although MrS is not much of a voyeur I know that enjoys seeing me experience so much pleasure, and suspect Dude feels they same way. During our threesomes, when they happen, they will often trade off - one being more "active" and the other watching and "assisting". During these sessions I am often so lost in the moment that I am not aware of the "being watched" part (or even who is doing what). And I don't think that "cuckolding", as I understand it, comes into play in our dynamic at all - no one should be feeling humiliated or forced in any way.

When MrS and I have had threesomes with other women I think there was more of the voyeurism at play - i.e. he was aroused by watching two women together in addition to his joy in my pleasure. I know that when I am with a woman and someone is watching the experience is much different then when we are alone - the fact that he is turned on by seeing us together is stimulating in a different way, but at the same time we are aware we are playing for an audience - so the experience is more "fun fucking" than "intimate lovemaking."

I've enjoyed watching MrS play with some of my female partners in the past - but only, I think, because these are women that we both know and trust and I am involved as well. At the same time I like seeing these girls "working their magic" - girls are just so damn sexy! So when I'm watching MrS it feels like compersion, and when I am watching the woman it feels more like a caring sort of voyeurism.

For the record, and to cover all the possibilities - I don't think I would enjoy watching two men together (both of my boys are straight so this doesn't come into play) but enjoy watching two women together. Hmmm.


As an aside - my lesbian friend likes to watch gay MALE porn - go figure!
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