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1. Do those "pangs" ever go away completely?

I really don't have to deal with jealousy on my part. Both the men I am seeing are mono.

2. Do you share the details of whether you've kissed/what you've done/what the kiss/sex/whatever was like?

My husband likes to hear about what my bf and I do.

3. Does one activity bother you more than others? i.e. sex/kissing/love/dating often?

Really not applicable.

4. Do you expect to meet your primary's dates?

Not applicable to me.

5. Do you have limits on the amount of times per week that you see secondaries?

I see my bf whenever our schedules match up. I usually see him on his day off during the week. And I spend two days (sleep over) on his weekends off. Which is every other weekend.

6. Do you operate a "I'll do (x activity - date/kiss/sleep with) then tell you" - or do you operate "I'd like to do (x) - would you be ok with it?"

I do what I want my husband trusts my judgement.

7. Do you have a veto rule? Do you agree with vetoing?

No... and I hate vetoing. It just upsets the other partner.

8. What is the biggest stress for you in poly? (possessiveness, jealous, threat, guilt, time constraints, etc)

Time management is hard for me.

9. What is the difference, for you, between acting in a poly way, and acting in a single way?

I don't act differently.. I just now that I am married have other responsibilities.
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