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Greetings again all and thanks for your input.

I feel like the argument has dragged on for FAR longer than it should have, but your points really did help me in wording things better than "You're being a baby over this and responsible grownups probably shouldn't argue this much about safe sex." Some things have been uncovered in all of the conversations, however.

(Like CS being incredibly jealous of the place MX has gained in my life, his insistence that my wanting to be safe somehow invalidates my love, that admitting his reactions are /really/ unattractive is proof of me favoring MX, me having to deal with general family and work related obligations cutting into the time I get to spend with either of them as evidence of how "unfair" I'm being to him... and so on...)

Thinking more about it, it seems as if CS was happy just having casual hookups here and there and the idea of a "personal harem", but the idea of sharing me and my heart with someone else is threatening. (or even so much as my time...)

As said, this has exposed some matters under the surface that will have to be addressed...

Thanks again!
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