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I'm 16 months in and I still get pangs. Pings, pangs, pongs... GalaGirl... I just don't know! (snip)

Wouldn't mind if all the pings/pangs/pongs went away, to be honest. I was hoping for some sort of Holy Grail where that would happen eventually. I wonder if it will....
In my world? They don't go away. The reduce in frequency. Like once a year or so? We're almost 20 yrs in and it's not a partner than pings me. It's my own kid! Because I want to spend time alone with DH, quality time, and if that need has been low, him spending time with her makes me ping. *shrug* I check calendar, speak up my need, and we plan for some couple time then. It's not intolerable. It pinged a lot last year when the eldercare cranked up and I was feeling depleted. But we could weather it. Security in rship makes that possible -- our groove is long and deep.

If something is going off like a constant PONGPONGPONG that speaks to a very deep need not being met. What's that all about? Track it down. 16 mos in is not all that long. NRE still coming down so it's a hard time. The time when NRE pink fluffy whee clouds clear but the ORE groove is not all that deep to help you hold it together when rough patches of weather float on by.


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