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Thank you very much for the responses so far. It's definitely so useful to have outside advice.

To reply to Tonberry...

Your advice really made sense. Especially about constructive communication.

You're right about control - I agree, it can be hard to let go of and I will talk to her about trying to let go of some of it.

I agree and have said that she might want to consider slowing down. She hasn't had a fully sexual submissive in 13 years, so I do understand the need. I can understand why she's going at it like gangbusters... haha... From her perspective, she has taken it slow, because she hasn't had sex with anyone, besides Mark, myself and online play, in the 16 months we've been together.

As for Mark - we are friends, but we do not spend much time alone together. We like each other but do not necessarily have much to talk about/in common. He talks to me when he is having difficulties. He has trouble talking to Laura sometimes. I tend to talk to Laura; so maybe I should utilize my friendship with Mark more...
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