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Originally Posted by rekkerafthor View Post
And when my wife suggested to him that we all go out for a coffee he decides he is kind of freaked out about it and cancels.
Originally Posted by rekkerafthor View Post
I am not happy that my actions ran this guy off.
I suppose how she suggested to him that you all go out and whether or not she mentioned that you were having an issue could affect him freaking out, but let's be clear: you did nothing to run this guy off. He is responsible for his own actions. Nor did you veto anything. Your knowledge of your own emotions and communication of them were not the best to start with, true, but you were willing to meet him and give him a chance. Except for the pissy initial reaction, which we all have once in a while and which you and your wife seem to have already worked through, you didn't do anything wrong. There was nothing else about this situation that was within your control so give yourself a break.

I'm not physically intimidating, but my dad is and we have similar strong personalities. I've always tried to use that a gauge of strength of character: scared off by either of us? Then not worth my time!
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