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I'll start by saying I am 57 years old and have seen old school porn, as in old Playboy magazines, up to today's stuff all over the net.

I've always had a really good imagination and I prefer that to porn for masturbation. My sister and I used to sneak peeks at my dad's badly hidden Playboys back in our preteen years. I think maybe that is where my bisexual nature started, since women are the sexual bodies depicted in the magazines.

I've never needed porn to get off, as I've pretty much always had a willing, horny sexual partner around since I got started at age 16.

Then, when the net started offering porn, I had young children and no time or privacy to peruse porn.

However, when my husband and I separated in '08, I had time to start looking at net porn. However, I preferred clothed or semi-clothed still photos of my 2 favorite movie stars (Eddie Izzard and Johnny Depp) to videos of "strangers."

When I met my gf in early '09, I found she had a big collection of video porn. We'd watch it together sometimes. I liked the BDSM stuff the best. On my own I also found I preferred BDSM porn. Straight vanilla porn is boring to me, usually. I like good porn with transwomen in it, but not the fake "shemale" stuff. That's just sad.

I enjoy looking at Fetlife still photos now and then (havent bothered this year tho). I do like looking at big cocks, and money shots. I like some bukakke porn as well. Female jizz as well as male. I also enjoy pee play porn.

I don't need a plotline in porn videos. My own sexual fantasies have plots I tailor just for myself.

And to respond to rape porn/fantasies: I do enjoy that. The difference is, one controls the "rape" scenario. One can be the rapist or the rapee. Real rape involves kidnapping and threat of injury or death... that would be horrible. (I've been sexually assaulted twice, and my daughter has been once, and it's the complete opposite to a turn-on, just horrible, extremely disempowering and life changing, in a bad way.)

However, now that I have 2 loving partners who are so sexually satisfying, I find I have no desire to look at porn, still photos on FL, or celeb photos. I am either actually having sex with them, or fantasizing about things I've done with them (or with one other past lover who was amazing in the sack), or imagining trying with them, and that's better than the best 2D stuff out there!
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