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Lol :-). That's so cool to know though; I wasn't really sure what happened while pregnant, other then that sex was still possible; now I know -.-
Well, pretty much everything that happens normally. But going slow to check in more often and having lots of support pillows is an added bonus. And that's not all. Later in pregnancy, the Peanut would wake up and COMPLAIN that mom is having an orgasm. Stretch out, kick whatever. It was amusing to think about what that must be like : Minding your own business taking a snooze in the cozy dark and then your whole world being all shook up! Later breastmilk spraying when extremely aroused or orgasms happened -- that was interesting.

Oh, so much fun! A different kind of intimacy with a lover while pregnant. Cada epoca tiene su encanto -- Every epoch (or stage or season) has its enchantments (or charms.)

There's a line of pregnant porn out there somewhere -- for some people that's a thing.

Not a thing of mine, but I did enjoy being pregnant and that stage of life. There really is nothing new under the sun. People are people, and where there's people sooner or later there's sex and it's many expressions.


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