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Hi there - thank you for your reply :-) And for the terminology help - that is useful! Something that we are still learning.

What stresses Laura out is having to deal with any jealousy, insecurity or communication of those feelings. If something is mentioned, she starts going down a track of feeling that Mark and I aren't "cut out" for poly and should have less worry. She says it is more stressful for her than it is for us, since she has to look out for two people.

If Mark and I talk, she gets upset that Mark doesn't talk to her about it. If we talk to her, she seems overwhelmed.

Part of the problem may lie in the fact that her insecurity/jealousy/pangs isn't tested as often, since Mark is largely inactive and I am not as active as her. So for the most part, she's dealing with our pangs rather than her own.

Really I just want opinions on whether it is unfair of us to communicate every pang we have; or whether it is her responsibility as the hinge of the V to consider the effects of her activity. And either way, how I can help to alleviate her stress.

I hope that makes more sense.

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