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^ I think your decision sounds really good and healthy. I'm all for independence in relationships and to be honest it made me a little worried too when it seemed like whatever happens to Alec, the same will happen to you too. Obviously the same insecurity about the future is still there, but it comes from a different place; it's more in your own hands now. I mean, it is still possible that you don't get a job/funding and won't be able to stay in Wonderland, but at least you know you did everything you could in order to stay.

When it comes to me and JJ, we are planning on going to couples counseling. We have problems and we need to sort them out in order to stay together. The relationship isn't going to get any easier when I move out of the country soon and we'll be in a LDR for some time. And then him moving to Dream City.. It terrifies me. He would be moving for me and I'm not sure our relationship is strong enough at the moment to carry that sort of a burden.
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