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Ah, thanks for the clarification.

Personally, if you were in the same place... I would have brought the two of you together right away. As in "new person, this is my husband" and then you shake hands, or something, and talk for a little bit.

I know people in the thread seem to have the opposite idea, that it was too early to meet him... but I don't think I'd feel comfortable dating someone until after my boyfriend had met him. And since there seems to have been an obvious opportunity there, in a way that wouldn't have been threatening or creepy (no "you have to sit down and be interrogated by my husband", just "hey, he's right here, let me introduce him to you") I'm not sure why the opportunity wasn't taken.

Either way, I agree his freakout makes sense, that's why I figured he might re-contact her once he's calmed down and thought about it. If he doesn't, how well. At this point you seem to care about him more than either of them cared about the other :P
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