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Let's see, a few thoughts on the thread:

The only porn star whose name I know is Buck Angel (I know of him from reading about him in Dan Savage's column, but I haven't watched his stuff because I'm very penis-oriented).

I don't think lack of consent is a problem. I think people have these fantasies, and it's good to have a safe outlet for them. Roleplaying is another outlet, but it does require a certain amount of trust, and a partner with similar fantasies or willing to play along. Lack of consent sometimes can be kind of a turn on for me, because of the idea that the other person is so attracted that they can't resist. However, in concept I don't like it so much, so I prefer...

...Incest stories. More specifically, between siblings. Now, incest itself doesn't appeal to me, either, I have no interest in roleplaying anything like that for instance. But in stories, written stories more specifically, this kind of taboo allows for consenting characters to still have a strong obligation not to have sex... and then see their attraction to each other beat that. To me, it's very erotic, the idea that someone would be so turned on that their human brains stops working for a bit, they forget about consequences, and they can't stay off each other.
I also like other similar scenarios, for instance a student seducing a teacher. But I prefer siblings, or cheating stories for instance, because the partners are on the same level this way, rather than one having power over the other.
The parts I prefer are when one person seduces the other, especially knowingly. A little bit of accidental seducing is fine (you put on your swimming outfit, other person can't help but be aroused and tries to hide it), but it's when it's done on purpose, teasing and playing, that I find it hottest.

So to me, porn often doesn't reflect things that are doable or that I'd even want to do if they were doable.

I usually don't find that porn is better than nothing... Well, it depends what you means, really. Most days I masturbate to my own self-made porn, with people I know and am attracted to, in situations I would actually want to happen. These are more fulfilling on an emotional level while just as pleasurable.
Porn is for when I'm aroused but not for anyone in particular, and that happens to me much less often.
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