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Keith and I are re-entering our exploration of D/s life! Woohoo! He wouldn't mind doing an almost 24/7 kind of thing, but I'm still not quite confident enough to do that. I need to find a book that is more focused on the D/s side since we aren't really interested in bondage at all. I am a bit of a sadist and he a masochist, so we've been dabbling with a few different whips and floggers and such for a while. Once again - working on building up my confidence in that arena. I've missed it, Keith's missed it, we just hadn't gotten back into figuring out what we enjoy and what our comfort levels are since the move.

So.. That is good thing numero uno. Good thing numero dos is that I have lost weight this month! First weigh in was June 1 and as of last Friday, I am down EIGHT POUNDS!! Super yay!

That is pretty much my life at the moment. I have a possible date in the next couple of weeks, but unless we get our vehicle worked on that isn't going to happen for a while. Our power steering needs work, and soon since I can hardly turn the wheel the way it is. Keith has no issues driving it (have I mention I lack all semblance of having upper body strength??? lol) so he doesn't view it as a priority. I just need to call and make an appointment so that he has no choice but to deal with it. Blah.
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