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No. I didn't completely veto it. I saw no reason to veto it. And in trying to see things from his perspective, I can understand why he was nervous about meeting him. I'm a big person both physically and I've been told my "presence", for lack of a better term, can be quite big as well. In short, I'm intimidating until someone gets to know me.

I've never used my veto privileges (philosophically I can't call them veto rights). I've had them used on me before and it sucked. I can't say that I won't, but we are both relatively new to poly and I've only ever had my boundaries tested once. I'd rather exhaust all possible options first rather then use veto. But I digress.

We've talked more, and I am not happy that my actions ran this guy off. I'm still willing to give him a chance. But she isn't worried about it. She didn't see a lot of long term potential in him. Kind of silly really. But Just because there isn't long term potential doesn't mean that a short term casual thing can't be a good thing...sometimes.
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