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I'm new to this whole thing and in a closed triad. The one thing the three of us do ALL the time is talk, talk, talk.

There are some things coming up that we are going to have to talk about. For instance, Lovely and her daughter are going to live with us for a while because she is relocating to go to college here. She is going to get her own place, but until that happens they will live with us. So, things that are going to have to be discussed include helping to pay utilities. I don't expect the monthly amounts to go up too much, but that is something (I realized earlier this evening) that needs to be addressed.

In addition to that there are all the usual roommate things that have to be discussed.

So far we haven't run into any of the huge pitfalls that can plague closed triads. I had a very brief (seriously, like 5 minute) foray into a jealousy issue.

But, it will be nice to have some other closed triad peeps to chat with : )
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