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Originally Posted by MeeraReed View Post
No, I don't think you did the right thing.

Is your wife not allowed to date others unless you've known them for years?

That's not a reasonable position.

I disagree with the people who say your instincts were right because the guy disappeared. If I was expected to immediately meet the spouse of someone I've known for a week and been on two dates with, I would freak out and disappear too.

Maybe the guy was worried you & your wife wanted a sudden threesome or something. There are many reasons why he could have disappeared.
I actually agree with this. I don't think I was entirely right. However, I did say she has been on multiple dates with guys that I didn't know before and it didn't freak me out like this. And those dates were with guys unfamiliar with poly. I'm really unhappy with the way I handled the situation and I'm still trying to figure out why this particular scenario bothered me like it did. It's not fair of me to limit her dating people I already know. I get that. I think I just had a bad gut feeling about him, but without a reason why I don't feel I can just veto it.
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