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Originally Posted by Mudita View Post
I realise it's easy for me to talk about this in "theory" as I'm not emotionally involved in the situation but I guess part of my idea of the poly I'd like to practise would be being open to my partner meeting someone else and loving them more than me and even leaving me for them. Otherwise the alternative is placing restrictions on them, which is precisely what I find distasteful about monogamy.
I want the best for those that I love, even if it comes at my expense.
Which like I said, is easy in theory...
True.. some people have an easier time with all of this then others though. I've never had a poly partner, but a partner I had who was kind of interested in other men, I was ok with her being with them; the men she liked to some extent were both taken though (one had a wife, the other a girlfriend), but if that hadn't been the case, I was open to her going with them. My rule is that we be with who we want to be with, but that has its own rules; if I really don't like someone she's with, I can make her choose him or me. Likewise, she could do the same with me. Essentially, I see polyamory as really just giving an additional option; instead of being with one person or the other, you could also choose to be with both; but if that doesn't work, monogamy rules (one or another) have their uses.
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