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Originally Posted by kbrooks View Post
I think even though I like watching it, porn in general is created within a framework of majority -isms and -supremacies. Porn enables and reinforces them, even if the porn in question isn't mainstream porn.

-isms affected:

sexism (attitudes around unconsensual dominance / submissiveness: boy dominates, girl submits. A MUST for them to do)
racism (only shows white people)
heterosexism (either only shows straight people, or copies what straight people do)

-supremacies affected:

male supremacy (shows male attitudes that entirely dominate the scene of porn, e.g. kissing just being 'foreplay')
cis supremacy (not very many trans* in porn)
I think there's a lot of bad things in a fair amount of porn, but that there's also some good porn and we have to help that good porn grow, laugh :-)
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