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Originally Posted by dingedheart View Post

Plus it's my thread and it died long ago one else will really cares It's just you and me talking
I haven't read through to catch up. Just had to pop in and say hi>

As you know-I have kids. The oldest is now 20, but she was 17 when we "came out poly".
The youngest is now 5.

The youngest, as you noted, definitely just considers it "part of life".
The oldest managed well, but finds herself occasionally at a loss on how to explain us to people whom she isn't interested in explaining the whole thing too.
Generally, at that point she refers back to history-when she met my boyfriend at age 2 (he wasn't my boyfriend then) she referred to him as her uncle. So, when she is feeling sensitive and not up to long explanations, that is what she explains him as to others.
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