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I don't really have a problem with porn. My personal tastes tend to run towards that which has a little more of a plot, at least a facade of romance, and usually features w/w or m/m action I'm not particularly kinky, and portrayal of non-consensual acts are not appealing to me either. I also enjoy amateur porn. I think real bodies with real people bumbling around having a good time and wanting to share it is very sexy.

However, I lean more towards erotic literature. I'm like that in general - I like movies, but I'd rather read a book.

Regardless, I think that, like much of the world, most porn is fine, produced by consenting adults who choose to be a part of that realm of entertainment. I think it would be a hoot to act in a porno! Unfortunately, I'm a teacher and have to be a little careful about that kind of thing, so it will have to wait until I retire. I wonder if there's a market for geriatric porn?

My definition of porn is a visual product (photo or video) where the main purpose is to incite or stimulate sexual feelings and behaviors.

BTW, my favorite part of that video you posted was the dancing dildos!
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