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KM - Yeah I know there's a grain of truth to it, thats why at that point I took a break from talking to him. And I understand the emotional infidelity. DH did that to me once and I was pretty furious with him. He would never admit it. (I wonder if he would now?). At the time we were NOT out poly, even with eachother. So it was very inappropriate and the part that hurt the worst was the secrecy and denial.

Which is why I try to be SUPER careful with E. I am not sure he realizes that what he is doing is not as harmless as he thinks. And his wife has expressed that either of them having another partner is off the table.

Thatgirlingray - If his wife approved, maybe. But she is an intimidating woman IDK lol. I don't think she ever would though.

I don't think he is into poly, I think it's just me. And you know, what man doesnt want a MFF threesome.... *eyeroll*
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