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And I know I don't have to say yes just because he asks. The thing is, I never really stopped loving J, my logical brain just told me he was bad for me. But it's different now. He's a more stable person. But I am disgusted by his promiscuity and his over eagerness to be "in love". I understand loving more than one person, duh! But he just... IDK theres probably been more than 2 dozen different ones in the past 8 years we have been apart. It makes you wonder, you know? Maybe that is overly judgemental of me. I don't know.

So if it happens, I may have a hard time saying no. Look at me, I'm the girl with two men that get along amazingly without me, and I love them both, but won't dive in. Argh.

I've read some of your posts by the way and I enjoy them.
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