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I tend to watch the higher-budget, bad plot line porn (like the Pirates ones).

I don't like the 100% sex, grungy looking stuff.

I don't think porn is bad in general. I think most people in the industry choose to be there, and by discriminating a wee bit about which companies you support you can feel pretty darn confident that there isn't any coercion going on. Think about how many porn performers in recent years have become almost brand-like (Jenna Jameson and Ron Jeremy off the top of my head). They are taking their sexuality and owning it. Nothing wrong with that. A lot of the bigger name performers are also highly educated people who have made the choice to go into a field that is very lucrative. I know Lexington Steele has at least one master's degree (possibly two?) and used to work on Wall Street.

(And right now I feel like I know a lot about porn stars... lol)

To me, porn is anything that actually portrays sex acts - masturbation, oral, PIV or anal intercourse. So, any videos that show the actual penis going somewhere or the actual vagina being stimulated = porn. Any books/magazines that describe sex acts in detail = porn. A movie that has a sex scene done under covers = not porn because it isn't explicitly shown to be happening, it is implied by their movements/other behaviors.
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