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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
Wow...I'll concede to your point. In my opinion I feel any person who is wired monogamously as I feel it internally, with the ability to love one person intimately/romantically at a time, who is in a mongamous relationship and is presented a book on "opening up" by their partner, would have a tendancy to view the information as a threat to the relationship style they know. The partner looking to open up would see it as a positive with a chance for growth as they define it which is neither right or wrong.

If any referance to "new ageyness" was implied, I apologize, because having never actually used that word, it was not implied or intended.
I admire your attempt to put your statement into E-prime (English Prime, which is a practical application of General Semantics and more information on this can be obtained through Googling these terms), but I would replace the word "would" with "might" or "may" and venture that the "IMO" is superfluous. However, you get an "A" for effort.

The remark about "new-ageyness" was originally made by Seventh Crow; I thought we all knew that, but perhaps it was not made clear that that is what I was referring to. It certainly could have sounded like I was saying it was you who said that.

Stick a fork in me, anyone?

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