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Hi! You can go to the Golden Nuggets forum and look at the thread called "Threads worth checking out" or something like that. See if anything strikes your fancy. You can also do a search, either "Advanced" or in the Tags, for keywords like "polyfidelity" "closed," etc.

As far as both of you posting, we have plenty of people here who are partners and who post their issues here, but it is usually less confusing if each person in a relationship has their own separate username. So, you're probably seeing couples, throuples, and so on posting, but you just might not realize which members are partnered with which at this point (and some partners just lurk). If each person in relationship posts separately, then we know who we're talking to, and everyone has a clear picture of each person's perspective. If you read the Guidelines, you will see mention of that. Good to read the Guidelines anyway.

The Blogs are where no debate is allowed, though responses are, so you can use it as a journal of sorts. But if you have specific relationship-oriented issues you want addressed by others, post in the "Poly Relationship Corner" board.

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