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Might not be you.

If she's feeling uncomfortable feelings (which you ALL must be) she may be pinning them on you guys.

"YOU make me feel _____, it is yucky, therefore YOU are yucky/mean to me!"

Solution? Get away from people who "make" me feel yucky.

Without really examining her inner world or your intentions to see if it is perceived as yucky only and there is no actual malice or ill will intended. That's a different thing. And that it moved to triad a bit fast... well you learn something.

You don't sound like you are being actually mean. You sound like you are trying to process your own yucky stuff now. She sounds young 24.

She may or may not grant you an "exit interview" -- can't force it. Just let it go, leave a door open if you want, and give it space. See what next...


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