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Default Poly, Voyeurism and Porn

I just came across a video that brought up issues regarding porn in what seemed to be a pretty funny way. That being said, I think the points it brought up were pretty good. I've touched on the subject of porn briefly in the past, in the The crossover between Polyamory, Swinging and Sex work thread, but I'm thinking that it deserves a thread of its own, as I think it's a far more pervasive meme in our culture then polyamory, swinging and sex work combined.

For starters, I'm doing the poll above, but I would like more then just multiple choice responses; I'd like to hear lengthy explanations as to what you think of porn in general, whether you think all porn is bad, or if you (like me) think there's good (feminist even) porn and bad porn, and the qualities that make porn good or bad. Even the definition of porn itself is up for debate; what does porn mean to you and why do you define it this way?
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