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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
I've come back to this thread to give credit to a question that underlies all of this and not hijack LR's thread. One last shot. LOL!

Here was the point I was trying to make.

A person who is inherently monogamous or wired monogamously has no desire to open up. This is not to be confused with a person who is just in a monogamous relationship because they have only found one love so far. That person may have a desire or acceptance to open up.

So, when viewing information on how to "open up" the information is perceived as a threat to what the truly monogamous person wants in their life. It is not seen as enlightening or positive because it goes against their nature and threatens the world they know.

Same words, same pages, but the information is received differently. The forecast of a warm dry summer could be perceived as the best thing in the world to a sun bather…but to a farmer the same forecast might be viewed as the worst thing as it could spell disaster to what he knows and loves…his crops.
I get it. I get what you are saying. I agree that two people can read the same book and take diametrically opposed viewpoints of it.

And now I'm going to drop the bullshit completely.

The underlined portion in the quote above basically states that because YOU are "wired" to be monogamous (which NO ONE here has any problem with), that it makes you qualified to say that ALL PEOPLE WHO ARE WIRED MONOGAMOUS WILL BE THREATENED BY A BOOK ABOUT "OPENING UP". You do not even KNOW all monogamous people. You do not know how all monogamous people think. You do not know what makes all monogamous folks "tick", what makes all monogamous people feel threatened, what makes all monogamous people happy. The only thing you can say all monogamous people have in common based on their monogamous nature is that they can all ONLY BE IN LOVE WITH ONE PERSON AT A TIME.

It's like saying "I'm a woman, and all women want children. Therefore, all women FEEL THREATENED by people who DON'T want children."

It's like saying "I'm gay, so I can tell you how all gay people will feel about a certain movie, because scientists have proved that homosexuality is based on nature not nurture."

This is not about how YOU, Mono, feel about a certain book (and the comment made was not about "opening up" but about whether a certain book seems "new agey" or not).

YOU do NOT know for a FACT that ALL MONOGAMOUS PEOPLE FEEL THREATENED by information about "opening up". You know that it makes YOU feel threatened.

Are you saying that you DO know how all monogamous people feel about it? What are all their names? Did they tell you this in writing or over the phone, or in person? Really, I want to know. I'm trying to understand because if my reasoning is out of line, i'd like to change it so i can you know, learn and grow from the experience. I don't HAVE to be right about this...

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